Japan Kagoshima Tradition Clay Doll

The doll is made in a mold, fired and colored. It is a simple but unique doll. They were made since the beginning of the Meiji period by the 渡辺家 Watanabe family, in the tradition of the Sadowara dolls from Miyazaki and Chosayaki (see above). After WWII, they came into decline in the Watanabe family.
Later, others tried to revive the tradition, like 中村信夫 Nakamura and 中島三郎 Nakajima. With more like-minded they started the workshop 夢創庵 Muso-An.
When Nakamura san retired after about 40 years into the project, they founded the group 垂水人形研究会, which keeps the tradition alive.
Nakajima san, a former school head master, started also to make stained glass art after retirement.
Still active among others is 竹内宿禰 Takenouchi Skune, making all kinds of big clay dolls.


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